About Me

I am a post-doctoral fellow in the Wetland Ecology Lab at Rhodes University, working as an evolutionary biologist, with a focus on herpetofauna. My passion for herpetology has allowed me to work on several high impact publications, that have resulted in the discovery and description of several new taxa of both reptile and amphibian. I am also involved in snake awareness in the Eastern Cape, and I often present snake talks, and host reptile & frog walks for audiences ranging from toddlers to academics. When I am not in the lab or the classroom, I am out in the field, photographing the amazing herpetological diversity that the sub-continent has to offer. In my short time as a herpetologist I have traversed much of Southern Africa, and more recently Angola and Zambia, with the likes of National Geographic, Okavango Wilderness Project and Hankuzi Expeditions.  

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