Next Gen Herpetologist


At midday on the 1st of August I travelled to Pumba Private Game Reserve, about 20km from Grahamstown, and presented a talk on the ‘Frogs and Lizards of Albany’ for Rangers working at the reserve. The talk started with a short summary of both reptiles and frogs, and was followed by tips on how to identify the frogs, lizards and tortoises found in the area. The talk was well received and at… Read More

The Herp Files was created by myself and Luke Kemp. It was created with the intention of showing off the reptiles and frogs of Southern Africa. The videos include general information about each species with interesting facts thrown in between. It is our attempt to expose the beauty of South Africa’s enormous herpetological diversity while having just a ‘bit’ of fun. This video focuses on the the cape cobra (Naja nivea), one… Read More

Dusky-bellied Water Snake (Lycodonomorphus laevissimus) Family: Lamprophiidae. Length: 70-120cm. Description: This snake has an olive to brown-black body with a cream underbelly. The upper lip is usually spotted and the snake has small eyes with round pupils. Distribution: Endemic to South Africa. It occurs in the Eastern cape where its range extends up through Kwazulu Natal and into Mpumulanaga and Swaziland. Habitat: Closely associated with water sources such as dams, streams and rivers where it is often… Read More