Next Gen Herpetologist


On saturday the 19th of August Luke Kemp and I decided to try a new herping spot just outside of Grahamstown for a day trip. This video shows off all the animals we found and the coolest parts of our day.

Rock Monitor (Varanus albigularis) Family: Varanidae. Length: 100-150cm. Description: The rock monitor is smaller than the nile monitor. It has strong, stocky limbs and an large swollen snout. The tail is longer than the body and the body is dark brown/grey with dark blotches spread across the back. the juveniles are more vividly coloured than adults with a less pronounced snout. Distribution: It is found throughout the savannah and semi-arid regions of the southern and eastern parts of Southern Africa. It is… Read More

Nile Monitor (Varanus niloticus) Family: Varanidae. Length: 120-220cm. Description: The lizard is black and yellow with an elongated head and a flat tail to aid in swimming. Juveniles are usually more vividly coloured than adults. Distribution: The species is present in the eastern part of Southern Africa but it is also present along the Orange river all the way to the Atlantic ocean. The species reaches is southern-most  limit at Seekoei river, Eastern… Read More