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Puff Adder Family: Viperidae. Scientific name: Bitis arietans arietans (Merrem, 1820). Size: 70-100cm (can exceed 150cm). Diet: Mainly rodents (Vlei arts, Striped field mice, Multimamate mice) but will readily take toads, lizard, birds and small tortoises. Description: Large, thick bodied snake with a triangular head covered in small scales. It has relatively small eyes with vertical pupils. Body colour varies depending on locality with most snakes taking on a yellow-brown to light… Read More



Augrabies, Northern Cape Aggeneys, Northern Cape Grahamstown, Eastern Cape Ndumo, Northern Kwazulu Natal Graaff Reinet, Eastern Cape

In an attempt to revive a bygone era of mystery and exploration, Luke and I ventured into the unknown in search of the elusive yet locally abundant berg adder Bitis atropos in Barberton (Mpumulanga). Barberton, a hop, a skip and a jump away from civilisation, is one of a few locations famous for berg adders. The trip began on the 13th of July 2016 and was marked by many a sighting. Whilst… Read More

Common Brown Water Snake Family: Colubridae. Scientific name: Lycodonomorphus rufulus (Lichtenstein, 1823). Other name: Common water snake, brown water snake. Size: 45-60cm, but can grow as long as 85cm. Diet: mainly frogs, tadpoles and small fish but may eat nestlings and small rodents. Description: The snake is relatively small with smooth scales and elliptical pupils. It is dark brown to olive or light brown on top and its belly is pale to yellow-pink…. Read More

Grahamstown, Eastern Cape Kimberley, Northern Cape Witsands, Northern Cape