Next Gen Herpetologist


In December of 2017, I went to Durban for a few days on holiday. While there, I herped in Westville and Kloof and found some awesome reptiles and frogs. This video showcases the animals that were found on the trip and features Tyrone James Ping, a well-known herpetology enthusiast and photographer living in KwaZulu Natal. Advertisements

Text adapted from trip report completed by Luke Kemp and I last month . Purpose of trip Recently Luke kemp and I joined a data collecting trip in the Transkei forested region as part of an ongoing study, spearheaded by Stellenbosch University. There were many teams studying many facets of forest ecology but we, Werner Conradie (Head Herpetologist at Bayworld Museum) and Theo Busschau (MSc student at Stellenbosch University) were tasked with collecting herpetological… Read More