Next Gen Herpetologist


Last year myself and Luke Kemp set off on our most ambitious herping adventure to date. The trip spanned eight days and over 3700km with us herping both the Western and Northern Cape. We found over 50 species of reptiles and frogs and this video series is dedicated to our best finds and our funniest moments. This is the third of four videos of our west coast trip. This video focusses on… Read More

Namaqua Dwarf Adder (Bitis schneideri) Family: Viperidae. Size: 18-24cm. Distribution: They are distributed along the western coast of southern Africa, from the mouth of the Olifants river to Luderitz Bay in south-west Namibia. The species is endemic to Southern Africa. Description: Small stocky adder with a distinct head and a pale to dark-brown colouration. Habits: Inhabits semi-vegetated sand dunes close to the coast where it ambushes unsuspecting prey from low-lying bushes. It is alos known… Read More

Recently Luke Kemp and I ventured to the Northern Cape in search of some of South Africa’s most insane herps. Although we did not find everything we set out to find, we found a lot and had a great time doing it. The trip was filled with some memorable moments and some even more remarkable finds. Thanks Luke for making it such an adventure, and easily the best herping trip I have have done in… Read More