Mind the Toads Poster

Last year, I noticed that two roads running parallel to a dam in the center of Grahamstown had high toad traffic during the rainy evenings of the summer months. The rain and dark tar coupled with high evening traffic load made for a very treacherous journey, resulting in many frogs losing their lives. To combat this I approached the Wildlife Society of Southern Africa (WESSA), and with the help of Ariana Watkins (designer), we designed a poster highlighting the two most prominent toads in the area, and their importance to the ecosystem. The sign was funded by donors and was erected on the corner of Wincanton and Templeton Drive, where it stands as a warning for motorists to… MIND THE TOADS. The article about the poster can be found at the link provided: https://www.grocotts.co.za/2020/03/16/mind-the-toads-you-need-them/#prettyPhoto

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