Port Alfred Garden Club

On the 12th of February 2019, I did a snake presentation for members of the Port Alfred Garden Club at the Port Alfred Gold Club. The talk was well received with over 50 people attending on the day. I spoke about the common and endemic species of snake found in the Albany area, and what to do if one encounters a snake in their daily lives. In addition to detailing the snakes of the area, I also took the opportunity to discuss, in brief, the lizards, tortoises and scorpions found in the area. The talk was capped off with a short explanation of snake venom and what to do in the unlikely instance of a snakebite. Thank you to the Port Alfred Garden Club for having me, and taking the opportunity to learn more about their local herpetofauna.

One Comment on “Port Alfred Garden Club

  1. Good morning Chad
    When will you be doing another talk on reptiles in Port Alfred ?
    I have an up and coming Herpetologist, Connor 9 years old.


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