Finding South Africa’s Rarest Adder

From the 20th to the 23rd of September, last year, myself and nine other researchers, set off for the Sneeuberg, in search of South Africa’s most elusive adder, the plain mountain adder (Bitis inornata). The trip was organised by the Bionerds (Keir and Alouise Lynch) and was attended by myself, Luke Kemp, Jo Buggs Balmer, Justin Rhys Nicolau, Gary Kyle Nicolau, Adriaan Jordaan, Christiaan Klippies Steenkamp and Faansie Peacock.

Plain Mountain Adder (Bitis inornata)

Whilst difficult given the secrecy of the species, we still expected to find at least one snake given the pedigree of scientists attending the trip. We were mistaken as we managed to find not one but three male plain mountain adders in just four days. The finds constituted the ninth, tenth and eleventh record ever found. It’s safe to say the trip was a massive success, we even managed to find several other awesome reptiles while we were there. Thanks to everyone that attended the trip, for the knowledge, the laughs, the lifers and of course… the plain mountain adders. for more information, check out the newspaper article detailing the trip and our awesome finds:

Other Species Found:

Poynton’s River Frog (Amietia poyntoni)

Rhombic Egg Eater (Dasypeltis scabra)

Karoo Girdled Lizard (Kausasaurus polyzonus)

Delalande’s Sandveld Lizard (Nucras lalandii)

Burchell’s Sand Lizard (Pedioplanis burchelli)

Golden Spotted Thick-toed Gecko (Pachydactylus oculatus)

Greater Padloper (Homopus femoralis)

Common Long-tailed Seps (Tetradactylus tetradactylus)

2 Comments on “Finding South Africa’s Rarest Adder

  1. Hi Chat,
    I´m flashed about your great pics of Bitis inornata!!! As I´m currently writing a monography about the genus Bitis, I would be very happy if you allow me to use your pics (of course with reference!!!) in the inornata-chapter. You can easily reach out to me via e-mail.
    Txs and have a nice day


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