Albany Museum ‘Reptile Week’

From the 5th to the 8th of February I took part in the Albany Museum, ‘Reptile Week’, in which I presented snake demonstrations to over 550 students in just four days. Although tiring, the experience was incredibly rewarding with many kids taking the opportunity to touch and interact with a snake for the first time in their lives. Most of the students were younger than nine years old and thus I opted to leave the PowerPoint presentation out, and get straight to the point.

The reptile demonstrations involved me walking around a room, filled with kids, allowing students to ask questions while I discussed the basic biology and ecology of the snakes on display. It was a different format to what I am used to, but all in all it was incredibly rewarding experience both for myself and the students I interacted with. I look forward to next years ‘Reptile Week’ with baited breath.

List of Talks

5 Feb Capstone Christian Primary: 23 learners and 3 educators.

6 Feb Capstone Christian Primary: 43 learners and 3 educators Oatlands Prep: 55 learners and 2 educators

7 Feb Capstone Christian Primary: 33 learners and 2 educators  
Graeme College: 29 learners and 2 educators Ntaba Maria Primary: 82 learners and 3 educators P.J Olivier: 48 learners and 3 educators

8 Feb 
Capstone Christian Primary: 14 learners and 3 educators    
Oatlands Prep: 103 learners and 4 educators  
Hendrik  Kanise: Combined 133 and 6 educators

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