Lizard & Frog Talk at Pumba Private Game Reserve

At midday on the 1st of August I travelled to Pumba Private Game Reserve, about 20km from Grahamstown, and presented a talk on the ‘Frogs and Lizards of Albany’ for Rangers working at the reserve. The talk started with a short summary of both reptiles and frogs, and was followed by tips on how to identify the frogs, lizards and tortoises found in the area. The talk was well received and at the end I played the calls of all the frogs found in the area, something that all the rangers really enjoyed to hear. Thanks goes to Pumba Private Game Reserve for inviting me along for an awesome talk and thanks go to Neale Howarth for photographing the event.IMG-20180803-WA0006IMG-20180803-WA0005

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