Reptile and Frog Talk at Sibuya Game Reserve

On the 31st of July I travelled to Sibuya Game Reserve, about 10km from Kenton-on-Sea, and presented two herpetological talks for rangers working at the reserve. The first talk focussed on the ‘Snakes of Albany’ and the second talk focussed on the ‘Frogs and Lizards of Albany’. Both talks were well received with almost all the rangers taking the opportunity to handle the non-venomous snakes on display.  Thanks goes to Sibuya Private Game Reserve for inviting me along for the talks and thanks go to all the rangers who photographed the event.IMG-20180801-WA0015IMG-20180801-WA0018IMG-20180801-WA0017IMG-20180801-WA0016IMG-20180801-WA0021IMG-20180801-WA0022IMG-20180801-WA0020

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