Critter Walk: May 2018

On Saturday the 5th of May I hosted the second critter walk. The event was well received, with quite a few people coming on the day. The day started out with a short snake demonstration, in which I showcased some of the snakes I had captured the week before on callouts, and was followed by a two hour ‘critter walk’ on a nearby farm. We managed to find several interesting species of reptile over the course of the morning.

Although most people came to see the venomous snakes, it was great to see so much interest with the less ‘exciting’ lizards and frogs, which we found during the critter walk. Thanks goes to ZEML (Zoology and Entomology Molecular Lab) for helping me run the event, and more specifically, Dr Shelley Edwards for her help with both the critter walk and the snake demonstration. Thanks also goes out to Anthony Evlambiou and Megan Reid for helping with logistics on the day.


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