Snake Talk for the Graeme College Nature Club

On Sunday the 18th of march I hosted a private snake ‘walk and talk’ for the nature club of Graham High School. Although it was intended as a two part event, only the talk took place because of the bad weather conditions. Due to the cold weather, and the intermittent thunderstorms, we were unable to go out and explore the wilder parts of Grahamstown, in search of reptiles and frogs.

Nevertheless, the talk, which saw me showcasing snakes that I had caught the week before, was a massive success. The guys were very enthusiastic and asked loads of questions about the biology and behaviour of the different snakes species’. Most of them  jumped at the opportunity to hold and interact with the less venomous snakes, with some of the guys holding a snake for the first time in their lives. All in all it was a great morning that is sure to be repeated in the not too distant future, provided the weather holds, and the sun shines.


2 Comments on “Snake Talk for the Graeme College Nature Club

  1. Your work with school children is excellent – best to be introduced to snakes when young, before too many myths about them become entrenched. This bodes well for the snakes who meet up with these youngsters in the future!

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