Paradise Toad (Vandijkophrynus robinsoni)


3 Comments on “Paradise Toad (Vandijkophrynus robinsoni)

  1. Found Paradise Toad (Vandijkophrynus robinsoni) at Emmarentia Dam (Johannesburg Botanical Gardens) yesterday 29 July 2019. Much more dried out that your website photo, but otherwise alive and well. Emmarentia Dam very dry now, but with perennial muddy patches (some kind of spring) in parts. That’s where the toad was found. Sue Taylor.

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    • Email the photo to me and I will have a look at it, Toads can be very tricky to identify because they are so incredibly variable, it may be hitchhiker.


  2. Or perhaps not. See from further Google scrolling that V. robinsoni is only found in arid parts of SA??? But see my specimen is exactly like the photos above, the arm bands being especially noticeable. Can I please upload my photograph somehow? Sue Taylor

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