Cape Dwarf Chameleon (Bradypodion pumilum)

Bradypodion_pumilum_Cape_Dwarf_Chameleon_Chad_Keates (4)Bradypodion_pumilum_Cape_Dwarf_Chameleon_Chad_Keates (5)Bradypodion_pumilum_Cape_Dwarf_Chameleon_Chad_Keates (3)Bradypodion_pumilum_Cape_Dwarf_Chameleon_Chad_KeatesBradypodion_pumilum_Cape_Dwarf_Chameleon_Chad_Keates (6)Bradypodion_pumilum_Cape_Dwarf_Chameleon_Chad_Keates (2)IMG_9864IMG_9891IMG_9918IMG_9885IMG_9877IMG_9950IMG_9957IMG_9922

4 Comments on “Cape Dwarf Chameleon (Bradypodion pumilum)

    • This is actually not the one you get in Grahamstown. The one we get in Grahamstown is called the eastern cape dwarf chameleon. you can find pictures of it on my site. Its part of the same genus as this one:)


      • I am aware of that – your photographs reminded me that chameleons were commonly found in Grahamstown gardens many years ago and, alas, no more.


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