Another Snake Awareness ‘Walk and Talk’ Two

On sunday the 19th of November, myself and Luke Kemp hosted a snake awareness ‘walk and talk’ on mountain drive. The aim of the event was to expose the local Grahamstownian’s to the enormous herpetological diversity that the area has to offer. The day started off with a bit of ‘show and tell’ in the Rhodes Zoology and Entomology department parking with Grahamstown’s most venomous snake, the cape cobra (Naja nivea).

Following the cobra display, we took the group to mountain drive where we actively searched for reptiles and frogs on the mountain. Once a species was spotted and captured, we would discuss the animal with the group and teach them basic identification and biology. Whilst we did not find many species on the day, because of adverse weather conditions, attendees still got the opportunity to see and interact with several species of snake that Luke and I had found prior to the day.

Following photos and questions, we allowed the children in attendance to release some of the less venomous snakes back onto mountain drive. All in all, it was a thoroughly enjoyable day that I aim to replicate in the not too distant future. IMG-20171120-WA0050IMG-20171120-WA0059IMG-20171120-WA0046IMG-20171120-WA0048IMG-20171120-WA0045IMG-20171120-WA0043IMG-20171120-WA0041IMG-20171120-WA0034IMG-20171120-WA0029VIRB PictureIMG-20171119-WA0023IMG-20171119-WA0016IMG-20171119-WA0015IMG-20171119-WA0014IMG-20171119-WA0012IMG-20171120-WA0057VIRB PictureIMG-20171120-WA0051

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