Herping Hogsback… Again

On the 30th of August I attended a BioBlitz with EWT (Endangered Wildlife trust) near Hogsback, Eastern Cape. The aim of the trip was to find as may reptiles and frogs as we possibly could, with the main aim of finding the critically endangered Amatola Toad (Vandijkophrynus amatolicus). I am excited to say that we did in fact find the rarest frog in South Africa.

We also managed to find several other species, one being the new species of caco that Werner Conradie recently described. Thanks go to Werner Conradie, Jeanne Tarrant, Luke Kemp and Alexander Rebelo for making it such an awesome day.

Amatola Toad (Vandijkophrynus amatolicus)amatola toad body shot 2 30 August 2017

Thorin’s Caco (Cacosternum thorini)thorins caco 30 august 2017

Amatola Flat Gecko (Afroedura amatolica)amatola flat gecko body shot 30 August 2017

Short-headed Legless Skink (Acontias breviceps)IMG_8868

Drakensburg Crag Lizard (Pseudocordylus melanotus)drakensburg crag lizard.png


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