Spotted Skaapsteker (Psammophylax rhombeatus rhombeatus)

Grahamstown, Eastern Cape

full body shot old pictureIMG_3012body shot adulIMG_3006IMG_3008half body shot juvenilebody shot juvenile 2old spotted skaapsteker picturebody shot juvenileimg_2151juvenile headshot skaapie 17 sept

Koega, Western Cape

Psammophylax_rhombeatus_Spotted_Skaapsteker_Chad_Keates (2)Psammophylax_rhombeatus_Spotted_Skaapsteker_Chad_Keates (3)Psammophylax_rhombeatus_Spotted_Skaapsteker_Chad_KeatesPsammophylax_rhombeatus_Spotted_Skaapsteker_Chad_Keates (4)

Franklin, Kwazulu NatalPsammophylax_rhombeatus_Spotted_Skaapsteker_Chad_Keates

Lamberts Bay, Western Cape

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