Amatola Flat Gecko (Afroedura amatolica)

amathola flat gecko head shot 30 August 2017

Family: Gekkonidae.

Size: 10-12cm.

Distribution: They are endemic to the Amatola mountain range of Eastern Cape.

Description: Small flat gecko with large eyes and a fat segmented tail. Adults are uniform white/grey with black/brown mottling all over the body.

Habits: A rock-dwelling (rupiculous) species that can be found in rock cracks, often in large aggregations, in areas with grassland and thicket.

amathola flat gecko half body shot 2 30 August 2017

Reproduction: Egg-laying species that lays two hard-shelled eggs underneath rock flakes.

Sub-species: None.

Conservation concern: Least concern.

Diet: Invertebrates. They are nocturnal hunters.

Danger to man: None.

amathola flat gecko half body shot 30 August 2017

Predators: Small mammals, larger reptiles and birds.

Similar species: Other flat geckos of the genus Afroedura.

Interesting Facts: This species forms small colonies and up to 10 individuals can be found under the same rock flake.

amathola flat gecko half body shot 3 30 August 2017


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amatola flat gecko body shot 30 August 2017

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