Gareth at Kwandwe


Today I accompanied Gareth to Kwandwe Private Game Reserve. He was looking for friends, because as I am sure you know, zoologists have few in the way of friends. Zoologists tend to keep to themselves, and when they do interact, they end up talking incoherently about the misconceptions of elephant-ecosystem interactions. Gareth is a prime example. But enough about that! Let’s rather talk about his project.


Today he was setting up camera traps at Kwandwe Private Game Reserve – one of 13 reserves participating in his masters thesis. It is rather large project and by the end he should have some rather interesting results.


If you are wondering why all the pictures are taken from behind and why he is always looking into the distance…

Well… it’s because he is permanently lost! Not really. Jokes aside, Gareth’s project is going well and irrespective of size or scope, Gareth is driving this project forward with admirable determination. I can’t wait to see what results he gets….


P.s. Thanks Gareth for inviting me on your project trips! They are great fun and I always learn so much.

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